About Me

I love the craft of painting, the challenge of modelling an image in oil paint, selecting and mixing colour and analyzing the tonality to create the illusion of reality. Whether working from direct observation or in the studio, the challenge has always been to create a fresh and painterly interpretation.
My focus in recent years has been to paint directly from the subject, whether in the context of still life in the studio, or in the field en plein aire. I find this process to be the most visually nourishing and sets challenges which realise and enhance the skills which make good paintings. My artistic direction has been unwavering in the pursuit of a fascination with modern impressionism. This is a painting tradition I studied at college and have sought out in galleries both at home and abroad.
Ideas about what makes good subject matter evolve, new influences indicate fresh directions and interpretation. I’m always open to new ideas in Art, since it is vital to exercise one’s own critical faculties to be able to discern quality and meaning. The one thing which seems to have been my guiding principle is that I would always be a figurative painter. Light and shadow, reflections and transparency, all have their intrigues and challenges which I have found fascinating throughout my career.

Jerome Hunt May 2016